Guangdong oil-free air compressor machine how to choose?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Guangdong oil-free air compressor model is divided into several types, different models are each has its advantages, so how do we choose the suitable air compressor? This needs according to your production process to determine the, what is the specific requirements for compressed air craft.

guangdong oil-free air compressor machine

guangdong version of the common presence of oil-free air compressor oil screw air compressor, oil free vortex air compressor and piston machine, will have to choose suitable choose oil-free air compressor, since no oil type chosen, then the oil content in compressed air is a requirement, just mentioned a few models can be done without oil, but do not represent each name is the name of the product can do without oil, so the industry and relevant certification and ISO certification no oil without oil, you may refer to the certificate. Today's German twin-screw oil free of the nose and Mr Iwata oil free vortex head high reliability in the industry, many manufacturers will be imported, processing installation again, achieve ISO standard oil, in the structure of other parts depends on material and design of the factory, because some parts also need lubricating oil lubrication, such as sealing not ready, will affect the quality of compressed air and pollution to other accessories. To ensure that no oil, so choose models we need to see the configuration.

GeLinKeEr dry oil-free screw compressor

in general we according to the industry process, you decided to guangdong oil-free air compressor model choice, also bullish on oil free compressor configuration. And GeLinKeEr manufacturers, oil free compressor is to fulfill the requirements of medical, ISO certification no oil, using technology with Germany's Mr Iwata, and key to the engineer for you free air compressor system installation scheme. If you want to buy oil free compressor may call GeLinKeEr details consultation.
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