Guangzhou screw air compressor in the operation of the check on a regular basis what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Why guangzhou screw air compressor in the operation of the regular test, mainly to check what item, this article will explain one by one to you!

1, guangzhou screw air compressor oil level in oil and gas separator. Such as the oil level is too low, should add lubricating oil, oil should be first when parking, unloading rear can spin loose refueling refueling.

2, hose in good condition, with and without leakage.
3, all electrical connection should be stable, and good.
4, moisture separator floating ball valve, automatic discharge condensate.
5, exhaust temperature should be at 75 ~ 95 ℃ specified value.
6, regular inspection records in the operation of the voltage, current, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, oil level, etc.
7, the pressure switch work is normal, when the compressor working pressure in the period whether unloading, if next time limit load.

8, after checking should be sound insulation cover door is closed.

the above is the regular testing of screw air compressor note! If you want to learn more relevant content and air compressor can contact!
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