How did oil-free screw air compressor without oil, reliable?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is common screw air compressor, screw air compressor compression is through the process of fuel injection and air mixture is compressed, the output of compressed air filter can filter oil content no matter how many. So there is no oil screw air compressor how do without oil, reliable?

oil-free screw air compressor

to buy oil free compressor users, production process quality requirements for compressed air is higher, no water, no oil, clean and dust-free. There is no water and clean the two with the handling of the air compressor configuration can do it, but without oil reprocessing can only to decrease the oil content. Screw air compressor compression process air and mixed with oil, how to do it without oil? That's out of touch with oil, this is the extent of the oil-free screw air compressor has done, less oil lubrication and cooling effect of compression in the process, the host of oil-free screw compressor adopts the high quality requirements, choose the material of high temperature resistant, cost is higher than general screw air compressor. Here also remind customers to buy, not thinking about saving money in oil-free screw air compressor machine, cheap oil free screw air compressor are no guarantee on quality.

dry oil-free screw compressor

oil-free screw air compressor is to be without oil, GeLinKeEr each oil-free screw air compressor oil free of the ISO certification. Quality guarantee, and experienced engineers to provide you with suitable air compressor system installation scheme, let the customer save worry. Need to buy oil free compressor can call GeLinKeEr.
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