How did screw air compressor energy saving in xiamen?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor types, the seller is energy-saving air compressor, many people are curious about how do energy saving? Energy saving effect really have? We take a look at how did screw air compressor energy saving in xiamen?

xiamen screw air compressor energy-saving
xiamen screw air compressor, the core is the motor and the nose, the energy saving effect with corresponding energy saving energy efficiency level, do grade 1 energy saving of the screw air compressor machine adopts the nose to reach grade 1 energy efficiency and energy saving effect of won't below grade 1 energy efficiency and motor efficiency energy saving. Also some screw air compressor condensing system is equipped with two fan, switch is used, different conditions using different, achieve energy saving effect. And the permanent magnet on the market, frequency conversion air compressor adopts permanent magnet materials, to achieve the energy saving effect is good, but also has some disadvantages, some manufacturer permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor also gradually to solve. As can be seen from this, product names, but the energy saving technology, materials are still has certain difference, want to find good energy-saving air compressor, can from the first to find a good manufacturer.

25 epm GeLinKeEr screw air compressor

xiamen do screw air compressor energy saving is about to see some motor head technology, and design details. Like GeLinKeEr factory is specializing in energy saving air compressor, air compressor 23 years experience, made on energy-saving technology, has its research of energy-saving technology, can be up to forty percent of the energy saving effect, reliability. To learn more air compressor can be called GeLinKeEr.
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