How does air compressor energy conservation and emissions reduction?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A, about the air compressor

today, growing in the field of automation, compressed air with its unique advantages such as clean, safe and easy application, is widely used in industrial areas of each link, to become the second largest source of power, worthy of the name almost all manufacturing plants are more or less in the use of the power supply. As the main production of compressed air equipment, various types of air compressor is applied to the factories, consumes large amounts of energy.

2, air compressor energy saving significance description

after a nearly two decades of rapid economic growth, China has become a global manufacturing center, large-scale production of ascension, cause huge resource consumption and energy demand, rapid development is gradually restricted to further improve the national economic strength, as a result, in 2005 the State Council's decision on strengthening energy conservation work, clear objectives, points out that the

to & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; The final ( 2010) , ten thousand yuan GDP energy consumption than & other; 15 & throughout; The final reduced about 20%, the average annual festival duty of 4. 4%.

key industries products unit overall energy consumption at or near the turn of the century the international advanced level.

air compressor room to spend a lot of power, so it can be improved. According to the professional assessment, can the air compressor and related equipment retrofit, reduce running cost, and at the same time, improve production efficiency and product competitiveness.

air compressor as the energy consumption of manufacturing industry, by more and more attention, and energy saving potential is tremendous.

air compressor in industrial and mining enterprises of the average energy consumption accounts for about 30% of the whole enterprise

part of the industry of air compressor power consumption up to 70% of total power consumption

from the investment cost structure analysis, energy-saving focus on the energy consumption of air compressor, for motor driven type compressor, energy consumption can be approximately equal power consumption.

3, air compressor heat recovery

for electric driven air compressor can be approximately regarded it as an electric heater, because it is in the process of compressed air, almost all the electricity will be converted to heat energy, the heat will affect the normal operation of the compressor, therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the air compressor, good heat dissipation must be installed to the air compressor system, to ensure normal and safe operation of the air compressor. These heat instead of being used, but also need to consume additional energy to help cooling. Can be described like this: the air compressor main products of the real hot, by-products for compressed air, and usually the application of using only its by-product.

so, heat recovery of air compressor, will greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of energy, which can realize hot/gas power plant.

4, variable frequency transformation of air compressor

at present a lot of air compressor in operation, a large part of time is in the full load condition, the energy loss through the traditional standard control, resulting in the electric power resource waste. Mechanical and electrical machine power general air pressure is bigger, startup mode use no-load (more Uninstall) The star - Triangle start, load and unload for the instantaneous way, and make the air compressor is started when a large starting current, and uninstall will waste a lot of power.

air compressor matching must meet factory larger gas, but the actual gas is smaller and is changing, aiming at this phenomenon, the frequency conversion control system reform is badly needed to be.
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