How I bought dryer, the air or water?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
One day in March 2019, GeLinKeEr air compressor after-sales team received from jiangsu yancheng user calls a machinery industry, the user said that oneself buy a certain brand of screw air compressor, because this line is very strict to the requirement of air water content, so buy screw air compressor before long, your side is looking for a manufacturer with a dryer. Normally installed after drying machine, should have no water, but after the match well, there were obvious moisture in the compressed air. Why have this kind of phenomenon appear?

GeLinKeEr team BaoGong and strict work, after careful screening, finally he found out, or because he buy the gasholder itself there is a function of water, use for a long time, air tank internal will naturally form a lot of water, coupled with the brand of air tank factory did not inform the user the brand of gasholder some operating habits, users don't realize is that to open the drain valve handle excess water, then recommend the user the automatic drain valves, users satisfied.

but with good after drying machine, there are still a lot of water in the air may have the following reasons:

( 1) Air compressor working site caused by the surrounding air environment: air humidity is big, even if installed dryer, out of the compressed air will have a lot of water, if you want to solve this problem, also is not very hard, every day in front of the open air compressor, regular drainage;

( 2) If I buy is a person who, dew point pressure is usually limited, it is easy to appear the working temperature is lower than dew point pressure out of many, recommend replacing performance and pressure dew point range is wider blot machine;

( 3) Buy the bad quality of dryer. Even bought a blot machine, if it's not like GeLinKeEr, brands, so a big probability is miscellaneous brands.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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