How important is the air compressor operating system?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The operation of the air compressor system in air compressor machine is important? The author had the opportunity to visit the German GeLinKeEr screw air compressor energy saving products, today for everyone together to explore the importance of the operation of the air compressor system.

early piston air compressor, motor drive piston cylinder movement, air compressor to install a magnetic starter switch box, through the button to control the switch of air compressor, the machine of voltage, current, overload, phase sequence, and so on without any protection.

early screw air compressor, relative to the piston air compressor is a great technological progress. But in the control system and operating system is convenient, not much improvement, basic use early button control mode. The current, voltage using overload protection contactor.

the last ten years of screw air compressor, with the development of information and electronic technology, control technology progress step. Have been developed for electronic display control operation of the machine works. The machine of voltage, current, load time, discharge time, and so on through the sensor shows that in the control panel of air compressor. Convenient for the user to view and record.

2 - recently 3 years, with the technical development of the permanent magnet compressor, and control system was developed, has a new touch-screen control system. Grade product upscale atmosphere. At the same time operating very convenience. Products in addition to being able to display voltage and current, and so on basic parameters, the RS485 communication interface and extra dry contact communication interface. GeLinKeEr permanent-magnet frequency conversion compressor every machine is configured with RS485 and dry contact communication nodes, convenient customer's remote control and the operation of the system alignment from spreading.

we believe that with the development of product technology, the popularity of the Internet of things applications, air compressor control system will become more advanced and more convenience.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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