How is the air compressor heat up, look at this article

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
I engaged in the industry for many years, has a special hobby, that is no matter what encounter things like trivial pursuit. When encounter problems, must learn to solve. A few days ago in the mail received a fan of inquiry, question is how to produce the air compressor heat, this question actually started the in the mind also is a bottomless, for insurance, went to consult the headquarters is located in xiamen GeLinKeEr bao air compressor after-sales service manager. Then to bring us the related principle of air compressor to generate heat.

the cause of the compressed air temperature, mainly lies in the compressed air under the influence of the external force, generated by the molecular kinetic energy and molecular potential energy of the transition, molecular kinetic energy to promote the thermal motion, thus a sharp rise in the temperature.

as to the cause of the air compressor lubricating oil temperature rise, the principle of return back in the air compressor internal heat between the main bearing and the secondary components produced friction, this part of the heat is created that needs to be handled immediately, otherwise serious endanger the machine running stable. The process, the lubricating oil is responsible for take this part of the quantity of heat, so heat transfer on the lubricating oil, lubricating oil temperature rise, too.

according to the law of thermal exchange one, in the process of energy transfer, the general form of energy is conserved, not any change. With air compressor as an example, this part of the movement of the body heat, will be grafted onto the other components. Therefore, air compressor heat will not disappear for no reason.

after understanding, I roughly understand that it is so to heat air compressor. Glad this BaoGong solved the problem for me, go back to please him to eat meal, with gratitude.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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