How is the bearing is named after?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For frequent contact with mechanical people, know the role of the bearing is to be reckoned with. But a lot of people for bearing related knowledge and function, is still confused about. Today, a brief introduction for you. 1. Bearing is defined relative to the large machinery, bearing is a very small parts, but it has played a pivotal role. And it is primarily fixed in the process of mechanical transmission parts and reduce the load coefficient of friction. While other parts to each other on the shaft of relative movement, the coefficient of friction in the process of bearing can be used to reduce the power of and maintain fixed axis center position. By the frictional properties of motion elements, bearing can be divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing. 2. Bearing type according to the function, design and function of the bearing, bearing a lot of types, generally include: needle roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, thrust bearing, arrange ushering bearings, joint bearings, combination bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc. Different bearings have different function, in various mechanical equipment has played a huge role. 3. Bearing code of a complete bearing code is the basic code, front-end code and post code, and according to the filling sequence is: front rear code basic code code. 一个。 Front, is bearing the structure shape, dimensions, tolerances, technical requirements and changes to distinguish, labeled with letters; B。 Basic symbol, is used to represent bearing basic types, structure and size, is the foundation of bearing code. Electric vehicles use are deep groove ball bearings, the basic code with bearing type code, size series code and inner code of three parts: series code inside code C type code size. Complementary code refers to the bearing parts and basic design with different structures or other features of variant. 4. Commonly used specifications motor often use deep groove ball bearings, and the size code is ( 0) 2 series, common have ( 6000, 6001, 6002, 6003) And ( 6200, 6201, 6202, 6203) A few kinds. Example: 6203 is representative is 'deep groove ball bearings, 2 representative is' 2 size series, '03' bearing inside diameter is 17 ㎜ '. Remember the final Numbers can: 00 inner diameter is 10 ㎜, 01 inside diameter is 12 ㎜, 02 inner diameter is 15 ㎜, 03 inside diameter is 17 ㎜. That is some simple introduction about the bearing naming, for your reference.
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