How long is the air compressor lubricant of real life?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the result of lubricating oil manufacturers publicity, the majority of users of the lubricating oil life know generally stay in 4000 h and 8000 h two general standard Numbers, the truth is: even if is the same kind of oil used in different types, different parameters, the compression medium and different working conditions of air compressor machine, real life is not the same. See the following analysis: 1) If the exhaust temperature of injection screw air compressor is reduced 8 - 10 ℃, the service life of compressor oil will be doubled; 2) Single-stage injection screw compressor exhaust pressure from 0. 3 - 1. 3 MPa, because of the exhaust gas temperature and oxygen partial pressure, air compressor oil oxidation speed, exhaust pressure of 0. 3 MPa of low-pressure air compressor lubricants real life than the exhaust pressure of 1. 3 mpa compressor increases 3 ~ 5 times; 3) Nitrogen compressor lubricants are not affected by the effect of oxygen than real life increase a lot of the same kind of air compressor; 4) Compression of acidic gas screw compressor oleic acid value is higher, the real life is short; 5) High compression ratio of single stage compressor oil screw air compressor service life is short; 6) Frequency of injection screw air compressor in the variable frequency during exhaust temperature is low, the compressor shearing action of lubricating oil lighter than normal capacitors adjustable air compressor, oil real life is long, frequency conversion time and frequency conversion depth is different, the real life of different lubricating oil; 7) Some air compressor manufacturers and users in order to improve the energy efficiency, increase the air injection screw air compressor fan, reduces the exhaust temperature of screw compressor, this not only reduces the power consumption, and prolong the service life of the compressor oil, to achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. Above are some brief introduction for the air compressor oil, hope to get rid of the lubricating oil manufacturers users after watching the propaganda of the standard time 4000 h, 8000 h fixed image. According to oneself circumstance to consider the maintenance problems, at the same time as much as possible in order to increase the way life used lubricating oil, in order to reduce cost.
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