How much money GeLinKeEr air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Already has a history of more than ten years, GeLinKeEr compressor co. , LTD. , the introduction of Germany advanced production technology and craft, make the air compressor for German products of excellent quality, well received by customers. Some customers are curious, such a good product, the price will not cheap. Although GeLinKeEr air compressor in the high-end market, but the price is very friendly.

the customer don't worry too much about the price problem, I think rather than more effort to understand the performance of the machine and after-sales service. GeLinKeEr air compressor are mainly composed of variable frequency screw air compressor products, good performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy saving more than 6% in comparison with general similar products. Not only that, GeLinKeEr air compressor is also very strong after-sales service team, their maintenance service is very considerate.

it is well known that air compressor used in certain time need maintenance, maintenance is the air compressor internal parts and clean or replace, to keep the benign operation, air compressor normal to extend its service life. Under normal conditions, air compressor working 2000 hours for maintenance and maintenance, routine maintenance of the internal change mainly air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator and oil, and internal and external cleaning of air compressor replacement anti-dust mesh.

GeLinKeEr air compressor in the sales process will sign maintenance agreement with the customer, the customer service personnel regularly pay a return visit, the problem is solved timely communication. To maintain customer service will notify the customer by telephone maintenance time, and coordinate the details and customize their own maintenance maintenance plan, and then the after-sales service engineer will door to door service for clients to provide professional system. From customer maintenance can not find the person's trouble back at home. Machine has such good performance, the service is in place, one-on-one system maintenance services, in addition to GeLinKeEr: are there any other choice?

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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