How to avoid air compressor mechanical and electrical flow through big?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor mechanical and electrical flow through large is very easy to cause the damage of the air compressor, a lot of the industry to this kind of phenomenon is xi, feel very normal. Air compressor is actually giving such shocks, the factory's power system also giving such a collision. This is a dangerous thing, and even many fires are caused by this. Of course, if the air compressor's power is low, the happening of this kind of phenomenon is very rare. If air compressor above 37 kw, power is big, appear this kind of problem of probability. Here in GeLinKeEr air compressor factory to share with you to learn some skills and methods. Try to avoid air compressor starting current is too large.

1, the motor of air compressor and resistance in series started, this way is a lot of air pressure inside the factory method is used to reduce the starting current of air compressor.

2, autotransformer, autotransformer is more used in high power electric appliance. Now air compressor with this too much.

3 mechanical and electrical machine, air compressor triangle arranged start, this not only can reduce the current, it can improve the working efficiency of the motor.

4, inverter starts, this is the frequency to match and common screw air compressor start way, it is divided into a variety of frequency conversion start, inside the air compressor industry belongs to the more advanced technology. At present most of the air compressor GeLinKeEr are frequency conversion start mode.

on the market, there may be some more high-end motor startup mode for air compressor industry at the time, costs may be relatively high. Additional air compressor are generally not long-term operation, generally will not stop, so the method in the application of air compressor industry is limited. So other higher-end startup mode, small make up here won't do is introduced, unless it is necessary, otherwise it is not easy to use.

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