How to choose the laser cutting machine form a complete set of air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Laser cutting is the laser will be emitted from a laser, the optical path system, focus on high power density of laser beam. Laser cutting machine work need air as the power, and is with pressure of gas source, pressure generally need 10 to 16 kilograms, so you need to customize a series of special air compressor. Laser beam to the surface of workpiece, the workpiece to achieve or boiling point, melting point and high pressure gas and beam coaxial will melt or gasification metal blown away. Fast cutting, incision smooth level off, without burr, Cut on the narrow, small deformation, cut surface material hardening; Processing of high precision, good repeatability; Simple CNC programming, machining range is wide, do not need to open mold, economic province; Nitrogen: general processing of precious metals or very high demand for processing as auxiliary air supply; Oxygen: strong oxidizing high purity oxygen, cut surface will be black, hardness increased, commonly known as 'coke'; Compressed air: processing range, air itself contains about 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere, so can make up the lack of oxygen and nitrogen to a certain degree. Air due to nitrogen, oxygen, costs are higher than the cost of compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, and the price rises year by year, so using air as auxiliary gas cutting, can greatly reduce the cost of production, in about half. Cooling to prevent material hardening, i. e. , heat treatment; Pressure will be cutting metal melting slag blow off, prevent dirt jam laser nozzle, protect and extend its service life; Laser cutting machine laser cutting machine to the requirement of compressed air source for compressed air demand is higher, does not require air water cut oil, regular users with four levels of filtering, even five filtering, the purpose is to better protect the service life of laser cutting machine. If into the cutting head air containing water and oil, can cause to protect lens fogging in a short period of time, influence the cutting quality, then if not timely replacement protection glasses, cutting head under high power beam irradiation can lead to internal temperature rise, causing damage to internal lens. Compressor and laser cutting machine at close range, person who filter connected in turn; Compressor with long distance laser cutting machine, and used in the terminal to install two filters, deal with residual oil and water in long distance pipeline; As its brand of air compressor, GeLinKeEr is committed to build complete compressed air system for the user, in the aspect of form a complete set for laser cutting also have rich experience, also obtained user's high praise in the market, a better life, create together!
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