How to choose the right compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the continuous development of industry, the compressor has become one of the necessary power supply in factory production. Reasonable compressor system can save a lot of cost for the company, is considering every manufacturer. Therefore, how to build a scientific and reasonable becomes many enterprises must face the problem of compressor system.

the overall planning of the

in the formal, specific to choose compressor brand, model, supplier, such as before, you first need to compressor characteristics and application condition of key points such as a whole, to avoid the mistake, a waste of time, experience and capital, detours.

1. The choose and buy of compressor

A. Only consider when purchasing machinery cheap, found that bad quality when using, running is not stable, long downtime, resulting in the production line stop loss.

B. Purchase only consider running stability, has neglected the ratio of energy consumption, accumulate over a long period to cause a huge waste. With 10 years use calculation, equipment purchase cost accounts for about 5% 10%, maintenance costs accounted for about 5% 10%, the cost of electricity consumption accounts for about 80% 90%. So the first thing to consider when the choose and buy the machine's work efficiency, save the means to make money.

C. Running stability and maintenance convenience is also needs to consider factors. Ignored the after-sale service of supplier quality when purchasing, troubleshooting can be collected, it is not convenient to spare parts procurement, all unnecessary losses. So, must judge supplier pay attention to after-sales service quality.

2. System planning

A. The size of the compressor, the Numbers must be carefully calculated and determined.

B. The post-processing equipment is not the more the better, but with as needed.

C. Room should choose as far as possible in a clean and tidy environment, well ventilated place.

D. Piping layout to minimize the elbow, joints, pipe diameter selection should also be reasonable.

E. Want to consider gas occasions and conditions. Such as gas field is narrow, Marine, automotive) , choose the vertical; Such as gas occasions has long change ( More than 500 meters) , should consider to mobile; If you use occasions can't supply, should choose diesel engine driven type; On air cooling and water cooling two cooling way, users often have the wrong understanding, think water-cooled good, actually otherwise. Small compressor at home and abroad, in the air about accounted for more than 90%, this is because the air cooling on the design is simple, when used without water. And water-cooled compressor is suitable for some occasions, compressor cooling effect is guaranteed.

all in all, Suggestions on planning and use of choose and buy when the compressor equipment, to comprehensively consider the equipment efficiency, running stability, maintenance convenience and after-sales service quality; Choose the professional equipment suppliers for the overall planning.

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