How to correctly use full oil free compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
All oil free air compressor machine has little noise, compressed air to high quality, stable performance, convenient to move, to ensure its efficiency and service life, GeLinKeEr points out to you when use should pay attention to the following:

1, keep the oil free compressor body clean.

2, maintain a clean and tidy workplace: clutter is easy to cause accident.

3, pay attention to the workplace environment: oil-free air compressor is allowed to wind and rain, do not work in the damp and dark place, do not store flammable and explosive gas and liquid in the dust.

4, suction flammable and explosive gas or Fried in containing these gas environment.

5, and properly keep machine: do not use the oil free air compressor, storage tanks should be put in the air and water, stored in a dry environment.

6, do not use machine: according to the calibration of the oil free air compressor machine, rate of voltage or load operation, the effect will be better security. ( Continuous operation time is less than one hour, otherwise it will affect the service life)

oil-free scroll air compressor

7, protection cable: can not pull the cable from pull out the power plug, cable should stay away from heat source and the oil, and avoid contact with sharp objects.

8, guard against electric shock: in the use of oil-free air compressor machine, please don't let the body touch the ground objects ( Such as pipe, heating pipe, refrigerators, etc. )

don't nearly 9, a stranger/children: don't let the children have nothing to do with homework personnel near the oil free air compressor, to hurt, get an electric shock.

10, prevent overpressure activation: it is strictly prohibited to overpressure is used, the factory has set the oil free compressor using high pressure is 8 bar, security pressure is 8. 8 bar, or you will make the gasholder in danger of explosions.

11, warned: the use of pure original accessories, easy to cause compressor damage, even personal injury.

12, supply voltage, supply voltage should be paid attention to and oil-free air compressor of the nameplate voltage. Power supply voltage is higher than the voltage applied to the air compressor, may cause personal injury and damage, air compressor, power supply voltage is lower than the air compressor applied voltage, will cause a poor start, even damage the motor.

13, only can be used in the pressurized air compressor, in any case do not handle other gases, cannot be used for pumping liquids, solids particles, and any combustible material may cause explosions.

14, in time to cut off the power supply: when not in use from work, get into the habit of timely cut off power supply. Mobile oil free air compressor, must cut off the power switch.

GeLinKeEr oil-free air compressor is a national certification, can provide you with clean and oil-free compressed air, improve your production process. GeLinKeEr has let you comfortable services, such as free press demand, can be called GeLinKeEr consulting for details.
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