How to deal with the centrifugal air compressor fault?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor industry has developed rapidly in recent years, on the structure layout and function has very big change, become a new generation of centrifugal air compressor products. Because people in the process of production use for the working principle of the centrifugal compressor is insufficient, so there is a risk of failure. Here small make up the failure reasons of centrifugal compressor are analyzed, and the processing method of maintenance.

1. Oil pressure

one thing oil pressure drop is more complex, there is a certain relationship with unit, deal with the need to be decided according to the actual situation, under normal circumstances, oil pressure and oil lubrication system pipeline, deal with the situation to do the pressure test. If the oil pump fault decrescent, reduces the pressure, need to check the oil pump in time. To find the cause of the problem, if the fault is the cause of the tubing, tubing rupture, the need to replace the tubing.

2. Exhaust flow reduce

is the main reason of the exhaust flow rate reduce filters and sealing device, control is bad will reduce traffic, affect the normal function of the air compressor. If it's filter clogging caused once, can clean the filter. If it is a sealing gap is too big, appear leakage phenomenon, must replace the sealing device, promptly adjust or normal installation requirements.

3. Cooler outlet temperature high

cooler outlet temperature is too high, probably with cooling water, cooling pipes, velocity and other factors. As long as wash coolers.

4. Bearing temperature

bearing is a major part of the centrifugal compressor, affects the working efficiency of the whole machine. Bearing temperature is also more common phenomenon. Mainly embodied in the bearing oil inlet throttling circle aperture small, lead to less feed. Insufficient cooling water inlet temperature become high. These fault, need to check the lubrication system, oil pipe, make cooling water volume increases, make restrictor diameter larger.
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