How to determine the empty filter quality stand or fall

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air filters filter is the main purpose of air inhaled gas in the machine, to increase the service life of the lubricating oil ( If air machine in gas contains a lot of dust, grease will shorten the life of a) 。 Lubricating oil main lubrication cooling effect. Air compressor air filter material the first level of alternating layers of fiber medium and medium strainer filter out the larger particles. 2 for multilayer epoxy resin adhesive medium hybrid fiber, coalescence oil mist filter and solid particles. So, how to judge the quality of the air filter? 1 should have excellent waterproof performance, waterproof performance, filter, filter paper waterproof performance, and will accelerate the empty filter clogging. 2, filtration precision and filtration area excellent filtration material, the fiber structure of professional design, which can effectively ensure the filtration precision and filtration area, finally can prolong the service life of air filter. 3 seal, seal quality, the high quality casing and casing and can ensure air filter itself rigidity and stress intensity, reliable seal and the change of environmental temperature circumstances. 4, a large quantity of ash content, let the ash filter paper, can the dust adsorption to live, and do not plug the gap in fiber, clean to prevent air circulation. More than simply introduced some of the action of the air filter and quality basic judgment method, for your reference, hope can bring you some help.
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