How to do air compressor zero fault?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
To achieve zero air compressor fault, efforts are available from the following five aspects:

1, to identify potential failure, solved the

find out the potential air compressor fault, need to be proficient in air compressor technology personnel, know when the air compressor and what might be a problem. If a factory has 20 groups of air compressor, to the service life of 10 years, including three groups of air compressor parts bearing damage, you can judge the other 17 set of air compressor of the parts of the bearing has reached the use fixed number of year, have to be replaced in advance, the potential failure in addition to elimination.

2, correct use of the

through training, to improve the quality of the operators and maintenance personnel, improve the reliability of personnel, reduce staff error caused by the fault.

3, optimization design, from the source control fault of the

some fault can be achieved by improving the design to root in addition to the effect, for this kind of failure analysis, put forward the solution, take reasonable measures to control from the source, can achieve the effect of free maintenance.

4, to strengthen preventive and predictive maintenance

to check, strengthen the air compressor on tally in advance of the air compressor's potential problems, such as periodically to check for the air compressor case body drive, when found a loosening of screws, nuts, can take measures in advance, the equipment hidden away in the bud. Our goal is not to replace a prematurely parts - — When it is still in good condition, but in need of repair.

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5, by optimizing the management, improve the level of air compressor maintenance

the core of the management of air compressor for realizing the production management goal, for the purpose of improving the efficiency of air compressor comprehensive, the pursuit of life cycle cost efficiency. According to the characteristics of the air compressor in the enterprise, to formulate conforms to the enterprise management system, the actual air compressor to improve the air compressor maintenance level of enterprises. As for different air compressor, the use of maintenance mode or preventive maintenance, or formulate conforms to the enterprise actual tally model, etc.

6, on a regular basis for air compressor maintenance care

air compressor general points of two kinds: piston air compressor or screw air compressor, most of the machinery is driven by motor as power to the equipment of continuous operation, air compressor, air compressor is inhaled into the air, high speed rotation movement back and forth through the piston or screw extrusion within the input air pressure into gas bomb, in this work, in the process of continuous confidential inhalation of the air compressor air, so the accumulation of dust in the air will continue, time to discharge air filter dust or replace the air filter; Air compressor work continuously to keep the moving parts of lubrication, oil have to regularly change; Because a lot into the air in an air compressor gas bomb agglutination water molecules produced by water, so should time the discharge of water storage cylinder screw air compressor oil is through the loop to radiator, radiator every day in addition to the dust, improve the efficiency of the radiator, also should time for replacement of air compressor, etc.

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