How to ensure the compressed air in addition to the water completely?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The manufacture of the compressed air is widely used in various industries, including most industry gas demand is without water. If there is water in the compressed air, gas equipment and the final product would have been damaged. In the screw air compressor system, with water removal equipment, the purpose is to remove water from compressed air and gas by dry clean. Unit but when a failure occurs, it may make the compressed air in addition to the water is not fully, the cause of the specific as follows: 1, the cooler of air compressor cooling fin is plugged, dust and other compressed air cooling is not good, dew point pressure, will give post-processing equipment in addition to the water to increase the difficulty and especially in summer, cooler of air compressor are often blocked. 2, gas water separator, if air compressor USES the cyclone separator, inside the cyclone separator adding spiral baffle to enhance separation effect. The shortcomings of the separator is its separation efficiency at the rated capacity is higher, once the deviation, the separation efficiency is more bad, cause dew point rise. 3, large gas, beyond the scope of design. Compressed air and differential pressure of the client's larger, which leads to the high air velocity, compressed air and adsorbent contact time is short, and uneven distribution of inside the dryer, in the central flow concentration, make the middle part of the adsorbent too saturated, adsorbent can not effective after saturated adsorption of moisture in the compressed air, compressed air entrained moisture from the central focus, through the in great quantities, cause gas side has a lot of liquid water. 4, adsorption dryer used for activated alumina adsorption material, the filling is not closely will be compressed air in air compressor output strong impact, leading to the friction and collision pulverization, adsorption material pulverization can make adsorbent gap is more and more big, a lot of compressed air from the void by has not been effective processing, eventually led to the drying machine failure. 5, air humidity is big, the frequency and timing of the drain valve drainage time adjustment, not in time to make a water accumulation in the filter, the compressed air in the water again. That's some little knowledge about air compressor in addition to water, for your reference. GeLinKeEr compressor to provide you with a full set of compressed air system solutions. The good life, to create together!
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