How to optimize dry screw vacuum pump choice?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the development of the vacuum pump industry, various types of vacuum pump for competing yan, at present the market occupation ratio is bigger water ring vacuum pump. Today is not the main points of the water ring pump, but after analysis the future after the vacuum pump situation that will replace the water ring pump and a pump type - Dry screw vacuum pump. Water ring pump proportion is big because its use is wide, the price is low, and nature of today's industry. But as the advocate of energy conservation and environmental protection, water ring pump selection is inevitable, because it will discharge pollutants, that conflicts with the energy conservation and environmental protection. Screw vacuum pump inside the recycling system, completely accord with energy conservation and environmental protection, the concept and application more widely, but why the dry screw vacuum pump market occupation ratio is not high? In addition to the price high reason, and users understanding of dry vacuum pump is not in place, can't see to the future of the enterprise economic benefit, this paper focuses on the dry vacuum pump how to optimize the choice?

screw vacuum pump for these different types of dry screw vacuum pump, we are all eager to its physical size decreases. But this is inconsistent with the extraction rate of vacuum pump, because of the vacuum pump suction rate is proportional to the volume of vacuum pump, small physical size means that the volume is small. Of course, there is also a important factors affecting the extraction rate of vacuum pump, that is speed. In order to make the small size of the vacuum pump suction rate match the extraction rate of large size vacuum pump, you need to increase its speed. And want to change the rotating speed of vacuum pump has two ways, one is the change of frequency of power supply, namely USES the frequency converter; The second is to change the transmission ratio of gear box. Among them, using the benefits of the frequency converter is to provide a closed loop control, but in large loads is easy to cause the loss of torque. And change gear transmission ratio is a very economical way, of course, it can only provide the uncontrolled single speed.

today, we have entered the era of dry vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump oil and piston type to the past time, compared to a well trained consumers on the choice of vacuum pump plays an important role.

according to the specific situation, integrated all the advantages of the design type must be the ideal choice, but it is unlikely. Therefore, this requires that the user must first know on the design of dry type pump has so many different design types, and according to its process characteristics to understand the influence of various types of pump design. Such choices can reduce the use cost as much as possible, and get a life long stable vacuum system. Such as free press demand may call GeLinKeEr details consultation.
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