How to prolong the service life of screw air compressor host

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
How to prolong the service life of screw air compressor host? I believe you are very concerned about the topic. Screw air compressor host commonly known as air compressor of the nose, or air compressor air compressor host is the core components of air compressor as a whole, the equivalent of automobile engine parts, power source for the whole car. Screw air compressor from the last century has been widely used in China began at the end of 90, into the domestic market of the earliest foreign companies are Europe and the United States, such as Sweden's Atlas air compressor Atlas Dorair GeLinKeEr air compressor, Germany, the United States of the cable LanKong press and so on several big brands, the host is imported, master core technologies are the European and American developed countries. Expensive, high maintenance costs.

in the 21st century, rapid industrial development in China, and at the same time of screw air compressor is very popular, also some domestic enterprises began to produce the screw air compressor host. But although have expensive CNC machining equipment, but the fundamental problem is that the raw materials and processing technology, spraying process and so on could not reach the requirements of use. Often leads to air compressor host shortened lifespan, high failure rate, large volume, heavy weight, and so on. But after recent years of development, domestic host technology has got very fast development.

the use of the host, generally for 15 years, but often use 2 - many brands 3 years quality problems need to repair, in addition to the host itself raw material quality problem, we also need to improve the quality of surface treatment technology. Improve the environment temperature of the air compressor running make lubricating oil in the 70 - 90 ℃ operation, to ensure that the screw bearing lubrication, prolong the service life of the screw. Use quality conforms to the standard of home furnishings and maintenance accessories, to ensure air compressor air filters filter impurities, the oil filter oil play an effective role, ensure the life of the host.

actually, prolong the service life of screw air compressor host has a lot of ways. The author in an accidental opportunity see GeLinKeEr air compressor service engineer to the customer for maintenance GeLinKeEr DRC - 100 a machine, the machine of strict examination, the old oil emissions are very clean and environmental cleaning, and so on process of the machine, feel very professional. Later learned that GeLinKeEr company requirement is to treat each machine service be sure to keep improving, meticulous. Detail decides success or failure of very in place, the customer must not familiar with equipment, we are good if we can't service for the customer, the customer buy our GeLinKeEr brand air compressor is the biggest benefit? Just like they treat their children's attitude to treat customers. To the best service to our customers. This brand and product, and which could be to challenge! Come on!

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