How to reduce the compressor noise of ontology

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor play an important role in the production, but the air compressor is a kind of strong noise device. Air compressor noise mainly comes from air inlet, outlet, mechanical, electromagnetic mouth these four parts. Air compressor noise sound level is high, the low frequency is outstanding, long transmission distance, large range of pollution. To control the noise of the machine has become a top priority. Control of the air compressor noise and motor noise, commonly used to consider using sound insulation and sound absorption control technology. Measures for the compressor equipped with sound insulation, sound insulation cover or system to prevent the spread of noise. This is because only in silencing measures to control radiation noise and electrical noise. For small portable air compressor sound insulation cover is often used to control measures; For large or multiple sets air compressor in the sound insulation between rooms and preparation production. In order to improve the sound insulation effect of sound insulation cover, usually in its sound absorption layer. If there is no sound absorption material, acoustic enclosure, noise source through steel continuous reflection and not be absorbed, enclosure will form a reverberation field, which resulted in increased enclosure sound level. The sound absorption coefficient of the material, the greater its sound absorption ability is better, the sound absorption coefficient change with frequency, thickness and density. Air compressor sound insulation cover to consider heat dissipation problem between, sound insulation, usually in the intake silencer and exhaust muffler on the sound insulation. Want to consider the convenience of maintenance acoustic equipment, set the soundproof door and window, convenient disassembly, and tight fit note after loading the joint. Soundproof door window, sound insulation, air intake muffler and maintain an acoustic matching similar chamber. To improve the effect of sound insulation cover noise reduction, the design of sound insulation cover should meet: sound insulation cover plate to choose to have enough sound insulation materials, such as sheet metal; Handle door, window, acoustic weak links such as the mouth of the cave; Wall and stronger absorption process, select the appropriate sound-absorbing material. Air tank of eliminating noise usually use suspension of sound absorption method. When compressed air into the tank, the tank of the absorption of sound energy, sound absorption body so as to achieve noise reduction effect. To reduce the exhaust pipe noise, using pipe bandaging method or pipelines will be buried in the underground, adopt the method of dressing damping is: choose asphalt linoleum, wrapping the original pipe lining, its damping effect can be weakened pipeline vibration reducing regeneration noise; Outer choose 3 mm thick galvanized steel, the middle layer selected 50 mm thickness, bulk density of 150 kg/m3 rock wool blanket. Sound insulation bandaging won nearly 20 db ( A) The noise reduction. Above are some ontology of noise reduction measures for air compressor machine, for your reference, GeLinKeEr as its brand of air compressor, is dedicated to the masses of users to build complete, stable running, low noise and energy saving of the compressed air system, a better life, create together!
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