How to solve the air compressor and the motor coupling has the noise?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
When we buy the air compressor and the motor shaft coupling with the noise, we do not need to worry too, first of all we want to know the reason why this happens, the corresponding to solve problems. Usually appear this kind of circumstance, but also has several reasons:

( 1) Air compressor and the motor shaft coupling with improper;

  ( 2) Coupling of the key and keyway mismatch;

  ( 3) Loose coupling of elastic ring or damage;

( 4) The belt too loose;

( 5) Loose coupling inner hole and shaft to cooperate;

elimination method:

( 1) According to the requirements of correct assembly assembly; ( 2) Adjust the key and keyway to cooperate, to change; ( 3) Tighten the elastic ring or to change; ( 4) Adjust the tension belt; ( 5) Adjust the tight coupling;

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