How to solve the problem of screw air compressor consumption too fast

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the continuous development of society, science and technology developed continuously, and people's quality of life more and more high, for when using any of the things we will want to maintain the original,
dongguan air compressor maintenance, maintain the its use life will be longer. Under normal circumstances, the air compressor maintenance personnel when adding air compressor oil, just slightly more than the oil mirror scale line. In the air compressor maintenance, can appear the phenomenon of air compressor consumption too fast. Let below small make up to you to introduce the screw air compressor consumption too fast what reason be?

1, the valve inside the oil too much

about valve tube wear, piston ring and cylinder liner wear, turbocharger sealing ring damage excessive consumption can also lead to air compressor.

2, air compressor oil

fault is generally air compressor air compressor oil consumption of the main causes of excessive, should maintenance personnel according to the need for repair. Are to be highlighted air compressor oil will cause the machine place such as oil, in order to reduce the pollution of air, when the air compressor maintenance mainly with special detergent to clean clean.

3, launch machine oil too much

encountered this kind of condition, air compressor maintenance personnel shall remove surplus oil, check the oil source, a machine used in the oil just good, don't add too much oil.

4, the oil temperature is too high,

air compressor engineer should be in stop after a period of time, check the working condition of the oil condenser, change new parts when necessary, the oil condenser core to clean clean.

there is a reason for every result in life, there is a reason for every failure, as long as we find root cause air compressor fault, we can quickly solve the fault.

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