How to we use air compressor energy saving?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Energy saving concept everyone not unfamiliar, this is not only for an industry, but also the whole mankind, because we have only one earth, protect the environment is our duty-bound responsibility. Air compressor
as enterprise's energy device, the annual electricity consumption is huge, so how to air compressor energy saving? What is the really qualified energy-saving air compressor?

a, solve the problem of gas leakage pipe:

according to the agency testing: air compressor normal operation when the consumption of energy is only ten percent into compressed air 'electricity', while the other ninety percent is converted into heat that can be consumed.

straight league frequency conversion compressor

so the use of compressed air charge is 10 times more expensive than running electricity bills, but many companies are not aware of this. In the vast majority of the factory, often can hear the voice of the leak. If you have a flat pipe problem solved, is equivalent to save a lot of energy, so when we hear the factory pipeline leak, need to deal with corresponding measures in a timely manner.

2, using the correct method of gas:

we give you an example: a circuit board manufacturers, many of the circuit board on the plating line need to use the vibration of the way to increase the holes on PCB plating ability, but the producer gas to solve the problem of vibration, but adopt the method of gas vibration than with the method of electrical vibration to consume more than 10 times of power. Therefore, using the correct gas method is one of the factors of energy saving.

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