In 2018, air compressor, and industry race

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In 2018 for the compressor industry is doomed to be extremely extraordinary one year. Being in the forefront of the era of large data, as a representative of the traditional mechanical air compressor industry, one of the future, the future will face how bumpy again? With the gradual decline of traditional industries and the rise of the Internet economy, take the 2018 World Cup, if today's popular online shopping link has as a indispensable sports, that today's Internet financial had comparable levels of the World Cup every four years epic, the obvious enthusiasm of bearing component,, let you can't help, suffocation, let you free to stay up until the morning, let the innumerable people crazy.

“ Be ling extremely, see the mountains small & throughout; - - - - Former air compressor industry community, standing in a procession of bibcock also encountered from the impact of the Internet economy big, once thought of, how should a went ahead to the glory of the continuation of traditional mechanical industry, at the same time facing the difficulties of traditional mechanical industry, and even can be said to be a question, all these for the air compressor industry leader today, is a big challenge.

“ Treat powers as cook fresh & throughout; - - - - From jinping rule of classic sayings, President of the references. In my two cents, and so when following today's air compressor industry spirit. In my opinion, although the Internet economy is in full swing occupies the important part of people's life, yet sophisticated industrial components, original design skills, high efficiency and energy saving of manufacturing concept, unique physical touch, is always attributed to the unique advantages of machinery industry, these are the Internet incomparable.

4 industry. 0 of the waves struck, I firmly believe that the traditional mechanical industry the athletes who are bound to have their own round of spring. The sea cross-flow, the hero. As the mainstay of the air compressor industry are doing everything they can to help the industry, and other One Belt And One Road & throughout; “ 4. 0' “ Throughout China's smart &; The guidance policy of libra to us again. For air compressor industry, outlook can infinite, behind the industry outlook, proud of air compressor, a seemingly lonely lonely in the desert, in will never walk alone.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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