In 2019 a comprehensive summary of air compressor piping installation problem

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor with propane tanks, the set up in the middle of the pipe connection is very important. For example, the pipe is not walk in a straight line, Bend too much) Medium in the pipeline flow resistance is too large, a casual holes of air leakage, and the line ( In order to 1 mm in diameter, 0. 7 million mpa to calculate, more than basic last year down will consume nearly more than 3500 degrees of electricity) The killer is system energy conservation. Because in this technology to share I deliberately arrange comprehensive summarizes the air compressor pipe installation summary, hope to help everyone's learning work.

a complete set of DRC air compressor pipe fittings shall include: of the pipe flanges, valves, different color of pipe, elbow, and a batch of hoses. ( As shown)

in the process of installation, the installation of the need to pay attention to the problem are:

( 1) If the entire system will be required to have filters, pipe will need to choose a full-size, both to the larger size to pick up the internal parts ( Filter will be required to have the related instrument to detect pressure value) ;

( 2) Competent road building Angle to avoid completely straight position, guarantee less 1 to 2 degrees tilt, the aim is to let condensate emissions can be implemented in the case of small resistance, pressure piping in the building process of the need to five points higher than line less cure, feeder line with clear requirements: meet the work needs to be implemented from the top of the head of road, at the same time equipped with one-way valve, at the end of the line do not forget to install a ball valve, avoid condensation water reflux;

( 3) In the process of line up, should be avoided in the pipeline is used in all kinds of valve and the elbow, because the line go too complex to increase air flow resistance, increase equipment power consumption level;

( 4) The size of the head of road, once established midway is not optional change, otherwise there is the risk of loss of pressure;

in the process of line selection, suggest you choose totally enclosed in circular pipe of the high temperature resistant material to maintain the balance of system pressure has a lot of benefits.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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