In such environment to run the air compressor, not a problem

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor surrounding environment for the operation of the air compressor will also have a big impact, the phenomenon was mainly caused by the surrounding environment is bad the cause of the problem analysis, so the user at the time of installation of air compressor to the surrounding environment as far as possible to meet the standard requirements.

1, environmental ventilation cooling condition

air compressor surroundings affect heat mainly have three kinds of circumstances:

it is near the wall class obstacles through;

the second is near the air compressor have other sources of heat;

3 it is to run when the front door and the door open, the fan to form strong airflow.

2, radiator blockage

press surrounding dust is large, long running creates a layer of dust and sludge, the radiator surface adhesion to internal copper pipe also easy for oil accumulation congestion, thus affecting the cooling effect.

3, oil filter too dirty

when the compressor oil filter was too dirty, because oil resistance can't according to normal flow into the compressor, compressor due to insufficient cooling lubrication of fast

4, condensate oil, the oil level is too low,

when cold machine to check the oil level below inspect pipe bottom should be performed immediately added. Low oil label or oily. Special compressor oil, compressor manufacturers should be adopted in other low grade or inferior oil back to viscosity and specific heat are not up to standard when temperature is too high.

5, fan belt faults or not tight

when tape fractures time-space compressor running around 5 min will automatically stop due to high temperature, such as the belt is too loose will skid, lower the fan speed, thus affecting the cooling, at this point, should replace or adjust the firmness of fan belt.

6, the cut-off valve failure

between oil filter and the compressor has a cut-off valve, when oil cut-off valve cannot open, because there was no oil lubrication and cooling, compressor start temperature rising rapidly, after about 1 min or so will automatically stop. Remove the compressor to the exhaust temperature, will find dry, also can have smoke coming out from the hole. Open manhole at the bottom of the air compressor, remove the oil cut-off valve, a finger gently touch the valve stem, see if I can drive and can be easily reset before and after. Such as a strike or return difficult, the need to further disintegration of oil cut-off valve. To learn more about air compressor, can call GeLinKeEr consulting for details.

if you have any oil dirties, or valve stem hole is fine sandpaper, until can easily slide; If a foreign body or broken springs card letter may also affect the stem movement, the need to change the spring or spring and spring cleaning.
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