Industry the higher-ups revelation type air compressor pause and must comply with the technical specifications

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Due to mechanical own foreign investment company for brand and price requirements, the beginning our company chose 11 domestic and international famous name-brand computer as one candidate, through screening, Zui will atlas's, homebred brand GeLinKeEr as a candidate. In the process of choice, we are very value GeLinKeEr machinery company cooperation with several famous at home and abroad experience, so our company chose GeLinKeEr as its main energy saving air compressor machine.

for air compressor research, in addition to choose energy-saving air compressor, also must want to know some industry technical specifications. Very strange, there are too many people know the air compressor, but understand the technical requirements of few and far between. It is no wonder that, early know these technical requirements, ten years ago, already became the air compressor industry tycoon.

now know that these technical requirements although can't let you get rich, but for safety is still very useful. Then I will put in xiamen, a foreign capital enterprise engaged in air compressor maintenance work more than 10 years of technical experience to inform everyone.

( 1) In the case of an energy saving system of safety valve, pressure gauge and relief valve is necessary, in the process of operation to adjust the relief valve, the whole movement range cannot be too much; Zui very not exceed rated standard;

( 2) Single propane tanks of exhaust gas temperature more than Zui overall in one hundred and ninety degrees, more than two cans of Zui accommodate one hundred and sixty degrees;

( 3) Air compressor installation location should be ventilated, dry place, and make stress tests.

air compressor machine still has a lot of technical knowledge for us to popularize, discuss these today, after the free will continue to update, interested friends can look at.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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