Install the post-processing, the water in the compressor why or so much?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A few days ago, 50, CCTV ambassador because of cancer, can not help but give us the air compressor industry staff some warning. People still so fragile, the same is true for air compressor, machine breakdown problems similar to cancer, before the disease will have some characteristics of the air compressor fault, too, so if a similar failure warning, we shall be conducted in a timely manner to solve, avoid the spillover.

GeLinKeEr after-sales engineers bowen (several days ago Not his real name) Received from xiamen minhang customers with air compressor station is equipped with a dryer system is still in addition to the water is not the problem, in the face of this kind of problem, GeLinKeEr after-sales department engineers first inferred several possible:

( 1) Post-processing performance aberration, does not work;

( 2) In the process of air compression is complete, still remain quite a proportion of form a complete set of gasholder water;

( 3) Gas of the factory is beyond the scope of the post-processing design rating;

( 4) Installation environment, ambient air contains a lot of water, the water gasification soon become water vapor, affect the efficiency of post-processing.

in the process of practical solution, GeLinKeEr after-sales team after one out, finally confirmed the desiccant system in addition to the water is not the root cause to own reserve tank itself also has a lot of water, after the compression, in turn, affects the post-processing operation efficiency, meanwhile GeLinKeEr workers open the drain valve of gas storage orderly water discharge, and inform the factory users, regularly after open the drain valve for water discharge.

I have 10 years of working experience to draw such a truth: air compressor maintenance there is no shortcut, only our own to seriously study and practice the knowledge of the air compressor, the machine can keep room for repair.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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