'Internet +' effect on the air compressor sales

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Do air compressor sales must be very clear, the sales of air compressor are basically rely on set up an interview time in the form of telephone communication + site, while up to 2019, there are still a number of sales to maintain such sales model, but so far, for air compressor manufacturer, & other; Internet + & throughout; Is gradually introducing the air compressor industry, including a lot of the Internet industry, are now involved in air compressor industry competition. So with the development of this model, the air compressor industry sales of thinking should be how to change?

under the influence of this kind of thinking, do customers often used before to buy the product price comparison on the net, and through search engines to check online value the price of an air compressor, the manufacturer of advertising effect is very limited, this time suggest air compressor sales thinking gradually into the mobile terminal, for example in the mobile terminal to provide such services: establish factory orders online generation, delivery and follow-up after-sale maintenance of a series of order tracking service, after-sale services users can directly by mobile terminal operations; Do both to solve the traditional factory process trival operation process, avoids each record order data also tedious, easy to lost temper. In the service interface can consider to add some service fee for additional content, through the big data can more detailed understanding to the consumption habits of all kinds of personnel.

and as & other; Internet + & throughout; Rise, and now the customer's requirements is not machine is good enough as it once was, a lot of clients to the energy saving effect of air compressor, and life requirements are higher, so now a lot of users through the network channels learned a lot air compressor brand, as at present the company with the DRC, is learned from baidu search, now of the permanent magnet, displacement, speed, and frequency converter in the startup mode condition compared to the control range of the original piston machine and screw machine has great promotion in the data, without the Internet, the information it is impossible to know clearly.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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