Introduction to the maglev centrifugal air compressor three characteristics, do you understand?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Maglev centrifugal air compressor is adopted high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive structure, will drive to persuade a centrifugal impeller and motor. 。 Body integration design. It mainly have the characteristics of what, do you understand?

maglev centrifugal air compressor

when it comes to the characteristics of the maglev centrifugal air compressor, affirmation is inseparable from these three points. Small make up then list for you. One is the low vibration, low noise. Due to the adoption of advanced magnetic suspension bearing system, transmission parts and mechanical systems without contact, stable running, small vibration, machine noise is very low. 2 it is easy to install, easy to maintain. Magnetic levitation device light weight, small volume, no large lifting equipment, two technicians can easily complete the installation work. Daily maintenance only need to replace the air filter, convenient and simple. Third, lubricating oil, no mechanical maintenance. Due to the adoption of advanced technology, magnetic levitating bearing will dispense with conventional equipment. 。 Must gear transmission and oil bearing, so do no lubricating oil, no mechanical maintenance. There is. 。 Effect. To reduce the maintenance cost of users, improve the stability of the system operation.
that is GeLinKeEr maglev centrifugal air compressor characteristics of the three major products, believe you also have a clear awareness of, low noise, easy maintenance, no maintenance and low cost are the characteristics of the maglev centrifugal compressor. If you want to buy or know more details, please directly contact:.
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