Inverter harmonic generation

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Inverter is harmonic frequency converter running process, the need to input power supply with high power diode rectifier ( Or transistor/inverter module) For inverter; In the process of the inverter, the input and output circuit to produce higher harmonic; Inverter harmonic of power system, load and other adjacent interferences with electrical equipment. Frequency converter running time will be the generation of harmonic, as long as no more than the standard prescribed by the state GB12668 - 2003. The prescribed scope of 3 are acceptable, the total harmonic content of the standard frequency converter input side should be less than 10%. Inverter harmonic treatment measures to control the inverter harmonic problems, inhibit the radiated interference and the interference of power supply system, can adopt shielding technology, isolation, grounding, etc. 1, install the appropriate reactor in frequency converter input side and output side concatenated suitable reactor, absorption of harmonics and increase the power or the impedance of the load, suppressing harmonic, in order to reduce the electromagnetic radiation in the process of transmission. By inhibiting the harmonic current and power factor by the original ( 0. 5 - 0. 6) Up to ( 0. 75 - 0. 85). ; 2, power supply isolation or installing isolation transformer to frequency conversion system of power supply and other equipment power supply are independent of each other, or on the input side of the inverter and other electrical equipment installation isolation transformer, to cut off the harmonic current; 3, radiation to avoid interference between motor and frequency converter cable or with armored cable should be through the pipe, and other weak current signal in different cable laying respectively, in order to avoid radiation interference; 4, inverter correct grounding right can make the system to effectively resist outside interference, and can reduce the equipment itself to outside interference. Inverter using a dedicated grounding line, and with thick short line grounding, adjacent to ground wire must be separated from the inverter wiring of other electrical equipment, use the short term, it can effectively inhibit current harmonic radiation interference of adjacent equipment; 5, shorten the length of the line to shorten the length of the line, the power cord and signal wire laying alone, avoid cross, cannot avoid, must be vertical cross, must not equal laying, signal shielding layer not receive motor or inverter, and should be received the public end of the control circuit. That is some inverter harmonics prevention and outcome measures, for your reference.
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