Its pressure opportunity thinking on the Internet

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Jack ma, as a representative of the Internet thinking gives nine words: & other; Crossover, big data, simple and integration. ” Ali flag blowing all over China, but also carry the electricity, drops, Shared cycling and so on the traditional business and way of life.

supermarket is super market, is developed after world war ii, the first in Europe and the United States, a consumer self service, open wide type customize sales of retail enterprises. Mainly for the necessaries of life. The world's five top: wal-mart brother revenue line. The charm of the supermarket, it is no wonder that Mr. Ma wants to get a piece.

GeLinKeEr just think: air compressor supermarket industry can do? First of all is the place where customers can interest and patronage, like KFC and McDonald's location principle. Stores are obviously in the electrical and mechanical market, this is one of the traditional air compressor sales model. There is also a union market. Have seen, but air compressor supermarket concept is good, but open a little bit early, didn't get on the Internet express. Wide radiation range is not enough, the cost can't share.

the air compressor is there is a market for the supermarket? The answer is yes. If we are from the perspective of the motivation of people in the supermarket: daily necessities, centralized purchasing, quality assurance, reasonable price of this a few aspects measure is can satisfy the demand of air compressor service market. And GeLinKeEr ever also mentioned: air compressor consumer market after-sales service is bigger than the sales concept. First supermarket goods can focus air compressor and post-processing of parts and service, this is the air compressor users essentials. How to do? You can go to think, do not discuss here.

Mr. Ma's Internet thinking tactic - nine words “ Crossover, big data, simplicity, integration & other; Can be used in air compressor accessories supermarket service, users need not with care to find, compare, entanglements. When will the whole equipment taobao, an air compressor system remains to be seen.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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