Learn to guangzhou mechanical and electrical machine screw air compressor repair the steps you are master

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Whether electronic products or air compressor machine, now is more and more simple. Both in operation and others, is simple. Guangzhou screw air compressor engineer today is to teach you a few simple processing method of motor, learned is you can get started. Regardless of whether they are large air compressor or small air compressor, users are preferred simple operation. Both in the basic operation and maintenance of the operation of the motor is the same reason. Actually not difficult motor repair, is this a few steps.

guangzhou screw air compressor screw air compressor
1) guangzhou need to know before teardown machine basic data, check the motor is good or bad, the understanding of the principle of winding of motor, voltage, current, power, wiring method, series, rotational speed, multimeter is used to inspect whether the winding resistance value in the normal range, the resistance and insulation resistance is qualified.

(2) the teardown, completes the parts installation sequence and position record, according to different problems.

3. Split winding to record winding wiring method, lead wire, insulation, slot number, coil series, model of wire diameter, number of turns, each turn span, the stator iron core length and diameter is to do detailed records.

4. Winding wire: according to the first line diameter model to determine with single or multiple retailer, package line, no matter and round, with a few thread must be the sum of the cross-sectional area and the original line model is consistent or very close to the ( Refer to the error of plus or minus 0. 02mm) 。

5. Soak insulating paint, drying, winding coil tie up with megohm shake table test first after the insulation resistance, ensure insulation varnish, there is no problem to pour into the oven drying.

6. Install the motor, check the winding drying condition, insulating varnish is not glue the hand, insulation resistance is greater than zero. 5 ohms, according to the reverse order of disassembly, installation of parts need to be replaced to maintain, to deal with again after installed.

all in all, a simple repeat operation. Want to know more details about guangzhou screw air compressor can be consulting:, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. Reprint please indicate the source
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