Love learning GeLinKeEr reading share will be one of the critical dialogue

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Reading, in order to solve all kinds of problems in our life, GeLinKeEr people always believe that reading books can change our lives and make our life better, GeLinKeEr on the way of learning constantly. GeLinKeEr reading sharing is also in constant insisted. Reading to share this week will be organized by GeLinKeEr sales director of the sales staff to share the key conversation book. GeLinKeEr sales director for positive communication with you and share reading experience.

in our life, we always encounter a lot of important dialogue moments, to deal with the dialogue, is to resolve the problem, improve good opportunity, different opinions, in the face of intense emotion, etc. , how to deal with the content of the conversation, communication skills, starting from the book.

we are the choice of a fool, direct against the others face to face. To get rid of the fool choose two methods mentioned in the books, 100% 100% of honest and respect others. We often with others opinion not to drink and then repeatedly, doing more is in the respect, and self-esteem particularly heavy people exchanges, can always think of that. The rest on the concept of different, can seek common ground while putting aside differences, to find common interests, and action. Moment to think about in the dialogue, the dialogue I hope to achieve what goal for himself, hope can achieve what each other, hope for our relationship to realize what goal, and according to these goals I how to do it.

although need to a little more, but really think, that these things can be solved, although the process may be difficult, but the results must be satisfactory. Control your emotions, it is the crucial thing in dialogue, again good, but the temper, a spray, not solve everything, but let it be kept. In the process of communication with customers GeLinKeEr, we found a lot of the time will be my temper led to walk, so is really important to control your emotions, learn to pause, learn to adjust is can let oneself become stronger. Repeated practice themselves, believe that one day we GeLinKeEr can improve myself. Take the customer as the center, to use critical dialogue skills in work and in life, we will break through oneself, make your life more exciting.

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