Love learning GeLinKeEr reading share will be one of the leadership to reproduction

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr weekly reading sharing session will be held as scheduled. Books are the ladder of human progress. A good book, like the elderly, to inculcate. GeLinKeEr general manager to lead this week GeLinKeEr senior leaders read 'replicable leadership'. On Friday in the conference room of GeLinKeEr GeLinKeEr high-level reading will share. Everyone speaks enthusiastically share meeting, by reading have benefited a lot from this book, full of harvest. GeLinKeEr general manager also had an enthusiastic to share. Through the study of the book makes me realize that leadership is reproducible.

for the leadership, communication is a very important factor. Employees of executive force is equal to the leadership of leadership. Leaders need to will be confirmed and the employees work of purpose and method. Many people confuse two words management and leadership, but these two words are different two concepts, management is the core driving force of fear, the core driving force of leadership is respect and trust. With respect and trust to drive a team, let everybody willing to work, doing things better. To staff to be able to trust and respect you, leaders and employees to have a consistent goal, to achieve timely feedback to employees, to make clear rules, takes the principle of voluntary participation.

GeLinKeEr every managers play three roles: leader, managers and executives. Managers is to finish the work by others, people grow, so don't do, everything to give employees a certain amount of space to develop. Leaders through creating atmosphere to improve performance, want to method to create a team atmosphere. Executives result is given. GeLinKeEr top managers need more time to build the atmosphere. Lower-level managers need more time to execute.

as a GeLinKeEr leader, learn to listen. Ask open-ended questions, ask why. Some feedback to each other, and the feedback is not simple praise, but to make the secondary feedback, in praise him and tell him why, everyone wants to be sure. We are looking for the best in others and learn to praise him, and it is shaping behavior Zui others good way, and negative feedback facts rather than opinion, I want to say can not impose their own views and ideas to others.

GeLinKeEr hope GeLinKeEr senior leadership, general manager of what is learned in the book to put this to use, apply to the work and life, it will certainly bring GeLinKeEr management of change!

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