Lubricating oil use

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Of lubricating oil in the whole air compressor sound as if just for a small consumables, but the stability of the compressor lubrication system is the guarantee over the actual air compressor the basis and prerequisite for normal operation of the whole system, so the function of air compressor lubrication system is very important. In the air compressor lubrication system, oil itself plays an important role. The quality of lubricating oil, will directly affect the air compressor system. Screw air compressor in operation of lubricating oil when the demand is higher, the air compressor lubrication oil need to high quality and good oil and clean air compressor lubricants. Put an end to use inferior or substandard air compressor lubricants: 1. Wear resistant ability is poor; 2. Oxidation stability is poor; 3. Air release performance is poor, easy to form bubbles; 4. Oil and water separation performance is poor, easy emulsification. If you use the inferior, or can not meet the standard of lubricating oil, there are may cause serious consequences. Bearing wear, heat machine, easy to produce carbon deposition, lubricant oil, volatile appear often need to add lubricating oil and cause the increase of the cost, the increase of electricity costs, maintenance costs rise, even cause the nose lock, such as damage failure phenomenon. Air compressor lubrication oil major need to pay attention to the above four points, but also must be timely replacement air compressor lubricants and strictly choose to use. Because it not only can reduce the maintenance cost of spending, can also work for the screw air compressor running provide stable and reliable protection, prolong service life, improve the competitiveness of the products. GeLinKeEr air compressor as its brand, focusing on for the user to create a complete compressed air system, from pre-sales to after-sale to provide users with a complete quality service, lubricating oil as an important part of after-sales maintenance, GeLinKeEr can also provide customized special lubricating oil, for the majority of users provide a more perfect machine running, a better life, create together!
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