Make full use of the air compressor lubricant don't let the waste of resources

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For air compressor, the status of lubricating oil is significant, air compressor oil can not only guarantee the operation of the air compressor is fluent, can help more energy-saving. Make full use of the air compressor lubricants, avoid the oil degradation, can effectively extend the service life of air compressor, reduce equipment failure rate.

1, the air compressor lubricants add does not pursue the more the better, the amount of lubricating oil must be appropriate to avoid oil degradation, affect the lubrication effect. Viscosity grade does not pursue the higher the better, higher viscosity level may affect the normal heat dissipation caused by accidents.

2, the operating personnel also should pay attention to the following add lubricating oil, first you need to pay attention to the clean oil, to avoid dust and other pollutants into the oil, if you have found that the oil pollution, should no longer be put it in the device, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to equipment. Refueling process to be careful, carefully to avoid loss of oil, oil amount to control in the appropriate range, also should not too much should not be too little, so as to avoid oil overflow after heat expansion, causing the waste of resources.

3, daily inspection work is indispensable, in air compressor daily inspection should be paid attention to during the process of air compressor shell and tied to oil reservoir covers, such as found that the problem should be adjusted in a timely manner, to prevent oil leakage.

4, cleaning work must be performed on a regular basis, on a regular basis to the precipitation of moisture in the oil and clean up oil sludge. Replacement of new oil, the waste oil after discharge, should be a thorough cleaning of the system, should not be new oil mixed with waste oil, so as not to affect the effect of lubricating oil.

make full use of the air compressor lubricants, play a better effect, avoid misunderstanding to the larger extent to save energy and improve overall efficiency.

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