Medical air compressor machine number is recommended

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now of the medical industry, according to relevant data show that trigger-happy air compressor brand, bought some do not accord with standard of medical air compressor can not guarantee the quality of treatment, and use for a long time can cause a lot of noise and energy consumption phenomena, so medical air compressor and ordinary any specific differences between the air compressor in the configuration? Generally used for dental and medical air compressor general hospital operating room, responsible for the hospital starter gas supply, for example dental patients do move up and down the electric chair and dental often use of high-speed rotation of the pneumatic drill, etc. , these involve medical air compressor. Because most of this kind of work environment requirements quiet and stable for a long time, this time, a batch of high safety coefficient, oil free air compressor noise control and good brand and gradually entered the field of medical industry.

A, DRC series vortex oil-free machine: medical industry is A zero tolerance to air pollution, the purity of compressed air requirements are among the top in various fields, especially in the dental industry, once the patient's mouth to inhale the air compressor oil is not pure air, the output of the treatment effect will be discounted. And the type of air compressor has passed the certification of a number of senior industry, segmentation to fat content in the compression chamber is 0, professional building designed for the healthcare industry, and a fairly low maintenance cost: simply empty filter out and blow blow.

B, onyou oil-free scroll machine: power unit 5. 5 - 55 kw, enough to meet the demand of the use of dental and small operating room, can save at least one year running costs nearly ten thousand yuan.

if there is a further requirements for compressed air treatment effect and the users, with more sufficient budget and recommend a lot of big hospital in xiamen are using DRD no hot regeneration blot machine series, the models of the control system adopts PLC control is one of the top 500 enterprises of abroad, which can realize automatic timing and real-time switch features, such as tie-in oil-free compressed air, avoid the common air compressor often encounter pipeline corrosion problem, is good for medical.

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