Medical industry can use the mute oil free compressor what certification?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Applied to the air compressor of the medical industry, needless to say, as you know, a long see is mute oil free compressor, but the market is not every an oil-free air compressor to ensure long-term oil free. What kind of certification can ensure mute oil free compressor without oily?

oil-free air compressor used in medical industry while going more than oil free, some process still need sterile and non water to air requirement, only the oil content in the air, the post-processing equipment is more difficult to remove all Ann. Manufacturer product manufacturers call alone without oil, by a third party to prove that would be more persuasive, so such as ISO international standards certification organization, can be to mute oil free compressor without oily for testing and certification, ISO standard of air quality is to meet the medical industry, we can according to the certification of choose and buy oil free air compressor.

have such certification of the mute oil free compressor is to use the medical industry, GeLinKeEr mute oil free compressor, with Mr Iwata technique of oil-free scroll the nose, with oil free security for a long time, in addition to the vortex type, oil free air compressor selection, have ISO certification no oil. Presence of air compressor oil demand may call, the phone.
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