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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Piston air compressor earlier than screw air compressor, more traditional. It is one of the air compressor over and over again, it depends on the piston movement work repeatedly, compressed gas. Derivatives are free press, the assembly line equipment, plastic machinery, fan, etc. Screw air compressor is rotating parts work, can achieve high pressure, such as 1. 0 mpa, piston air compressor is unattainable, its pressure value is in commonly 0. The range of about 6 mpa. GeLinKeEr screw air compressor, therefore, more wins and piston machine a few minutes, why do you say so?
a, small oil dustiness

screw air compressor is only in the recent ten years into a new technology of our country, relative to the piston machine, simpler structure, lower energy consumption, high quality dry red wine, the exhaust pressure stability without pulsation, running low failure rate, low noise characteristics, its oily dust content, smaller host not pollution, affect the normal operation of the equipment.

2, save maintenance cost
very little screw air compressor maintenance, as long as the daily maintenance in place, little maintenance. Piston machine, however, there are many parts, and the frequent maintenance, the maintenance cost is not high.
3, stable performance
just screw air compressor maintenance, fault are rare. The piston machine is different, more problems, more maintenance will be more frequent, also won't low cost by cost? The largest piston machine downtime again start artificial put net gas needed to start; Unstable voltage electric opportunity loss, water shortage will be flying machines, serious accident will happen, even affect the personal and property security. Screw machine can continuous 24 hours security reliably. Four, low noise

screw air compressor noise is small, flexible placed in workshop, save a space. 。 And the piston machine noise is very big, can affect people's health. Five, little vibration,

the piston machine need to strengthen the foundation, and the screw machine can only be placed in the flat surface of the fixed without reinforcement. Only small vibration caused by the use of a motor can be ignored. Six, environmental protection and energy saving

the piston machine of fuel consumed more apparent, to use a certain amount of time, the bottom will be a piece of black, more evident and screw machine with high efficiency and energy saving, won't cause too big effect to the environment, accord with a country has always advocated the policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, so the air compressor is more popular in the industry.
so, GeLinKeEr screw air compressor more dominant than the piston machine, want to understand or consulting can contact GeLinKeEr customer service:, this article from the GeLinKeEr compressor ( Xiamen) Co. , LTD. By crediting the original source ( )
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