Mute oil free compressor common fault how should solve?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In the use of mute oil free air compressor machine, we will always have to air compressor fault, we usually choose direct contact technical personnel for repair. Although it is easy to say that it really cost is very high, but need and engineer arrived at the scene of the time is very long, to a large extent affect the production progress of the enterprise. So mute oil free air compressor common failure have? And how to solve?

a, mute oil free compressor of improper operation:

the novice might make such a mistake. For example, when the switch is on, don't open outlet switch; Switch will not be changed; Voltage and current setting is not reasonable, etc. As long as the correct is good, you can correct this common mistake, but basically is not an error.

2, mute oil free air compressor mechanical and electrical problems

this should be led to mute oil free air compressor such failure, the important factors, including low voltage, the motor fault, lack of phase, the fan motor overload, blown fuse, power failure or lack of phase, transformer faults, line loss, the power switch trip, starting coil failure or poor contact, etc. So, only in accordance with the procedures for inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the entire electrical system, the fault will be partly solved.

3, mechanical parts failure

in general, an automatic protection device is mute oil free air compressor, when some fault, not normal boot. To the normal mute oil free air compressor can't start common mechanical failure mainly include: the start button and emergency stop button failure, host fault, control panel fault, fracture belt, etc.

for the vast majority of air compressor, cause its not normal boot failure factors is nothing more than the above four aspects. Therefore, the user can according to the steps above step by step operation, should be able to solve very well.

4, mute oil free air compressor to keep working status, but still expanding supply shortage, air compressor, air tank with a little pressure to stop. 。

listen to external pipes of air compressor, air tank on the air compressor gas supply pipe, check valve, valve, pressure switch and other air connection. If the above problems, elimination flow may be more than the rated speed, the nose bowl of wear and tear or machine overload. Due to the damage leather bowl, cup needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, the cup of life is about 3 years.

5, mute oil free air compressor of intermittent work, insufficient air supply.

the failure was caused by a lack of voltage. A very busy start. If the running current is too high. Without oil head working voltage is 200 V, it is hard to start under voltage. A kick-off meeting for frequently lead to the rise of temperature of the nose. * close circuit protection. Until the temperature drops and start again. For frequent voltage fluctuation area, it is recommended that the installation of automatic voltage regulator.

6, startup capacitor leakage

when mute oil free compressor air leakage, compressor can be started, but slower, larger electric current. Due to the effect of current, rapid heating, compression head compression head soon to be protected and closed. This problem can get a new one, but must pay attention to the number of ultrafiltration is the same, too much or too little is bad.

every time mute oil free air compressor work, before going to work the pressure of the storage tanks should be zero. Otherwise, cannot be started. When you turn it on, you can see the nose turn very slowly, and the buzzing sound. And the current is high.

this is because the one-way valve is blocked, its one end connected to the outlet pipe of the head ( Or high pressure pipe) , and the other end to connect three export to propane tanks. Its role is to make the head of the air into the tank, and the air in the tank can't out. There is a spring and a film. Stick if there is dirt on the film, will lead to reverse leak, then the second start the nose can lead to high voltage cannot be started. Open the back of the check valve bonnet with a wrench. Please clean it, as is replaced.

  7. Mute oil free air compressor working, but the noise significantly greater than the original.

if you want to disappear in addition to machine attachment is loose, this phenomenon will check and see if normal running current. If the normal, the machine has been used for years. Mute oil free air compressor should be as far as possible away from the dusty place. After power on a regular basis, the dust in the surface and internal 2 leaves application of high pressure air blow. Four motor bearing is too much noise is due to dirt and wear, the corresponding cup will also be affected. Replacement need special mute oil free air compressor some of the tools and accessories. 。 More mute oil free compressor problem can be directly consulting GeLinKeEr customer service, website WWW. 可控硅
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