Note, not to buy the screw air compressor energy saving province electricity

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
I am often asked, buy than other types of screw air compressor air compressor machine energy saving province electricity, right? I think this problem in air compressor industry should be clear. Screw air compressor is divided into power frequency and variable frequency, variable frequency and permanent magnet frequency conversion and ordinary frequency conversion. One of the more expensive is the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, but the brand of the permanent magnet frequency conversion and not too rely on chart, prone to the condition of the degaussing, so now than mostly in the form of power frequency and frequency conversion of permanent magnet frequency conversion machine energy saving province electricity. Here to GeLinKeEr 37 kw of power frequency and frequency conversion machine as an example to explain.

first defined as 37 kw, and is a brand, so the gas production test basically the same. If machine power frequency at full load condition, gas just can satisfy the production of gas, the machine has been in a state of loading. This time if you use the frequency conversion machine, air compressor is the same in loading state, but the inverter frequency converter have been in a state of power consumption. So, than the frequency conversion air compressor air compressor power frequency and power consumption, and if the converter appear problem, the machine will also appear problem, failure probability is higher than machine power frequency, it's not worth. In addition to this case, the frequency converter is better than confidential power frequency, unload the longer the time, energy saving save electricity is very prominent.

believe that someone will ask, screw air compressor with what is the difference between the piston air compressor, piston compressor besides can provide larger gas pressure, basically have no advantage. But if the cheap is also a advantage, that he is more than the advantages.

believe this explanation, many outsiders should be can understand air compressor power frequency and frequency conversion compressor what are the differences?

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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