October the new rules, these issues should pay attention to the air compressor industry

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Into the autumn in October, we ushered in the birthday of the motherland 69 one full year of life, also ushered in the long-awaited national holiday, believe a lot of friends all over the country felt the Chinese people mountain people sea, and all kinds of wall, wall, wall, at the same time, some of the new policy also began quietly introduced on October. Let us know.

in the first place, to talk about is closely related to people's income. About modifying individual all tax threshold has the dust settles, after the National People's Congress standing committee voted, from October 1, 2018 of the income tax threshold from 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan. The nation was transported with joy, which means that less working class for the payment of individual income tax, tax less natural get its hands on wages is much, is really a good news for workers. In addition to income tax policies, in the food safety, food and beverage service, road traffic, medical services and human resources has launched the New Deal, are upon us, if interested can look at details. Country along with the development of the society to pay more and more attention to people's life and production, all policies and regulations have been built and perfected.

himself as an ordinary wage earners, feeling began in October of the New Deal are related to our life, I care about most or new tax policy will have workers care about most or salary. Into October our air compressor industry has entered the season of the year, the factory enterprise equipment procurement of basic to this time is coming to an end, most of the job at the end of the project, the purchase quantity is little, our sales is also less natural. So the company make full use of the rare time, to participate in the training and study, improve their knowledge and ability, improve team cohesion and creativity, to arm themselves with knowledge and skills of the brain, to be prepared for the next year's production and sales. Xiamen GeLinKeEr air compressor, we are ready, and you?

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