Oil-free air compressor of the top five myths

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Oil-free machine as a high level of professional machine, it is undeniable that without oil machine is high technical content, some users, but will not excessive believe without oil machine performance or understanding of oil-free machine have some mistake? Today we have to solve in the compressed air industry often discuss around the oil free air compressor of the top five myths! 01 oil-free machine does not use the oil while do not use the oil in the compression chamber, oil will not contact with compressed air, but still use oil to cooling and lubrication compressor operation parts. Integrated sealing system placed in the compressor, can prevent any oil into the compressed air system. 02 oil-free air compressor produce compressed air is pollution-free there is a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere, including water vapor, oil, steam, water and microbe aerosol. Other sources of compressed air pollution including compressor itself, compressed air storage device and the distribution of compressed air piping. This means that the oil free compressor produced by the compressed air is not necessarily - free from pollution Although using air treatment products can help cut pollution to the required level. 03 oil free compressor don't need air treatment products when using oil-free air compressor, often omitted or completely ruled out the downstream filtration unit. But these to remove existing pollutants from compressed air filtration products and achieve the purification of the standards required for your application plays a vital role. 04 oil-free air compressor operation cost is low, in fact, oil free compressor initial investment cost is higher than air compressor oil. However, for need oil-free air sensitive applications, its operation for many years of running costs will be lower than need frequent repairs filtering system 'oil free' products, and can avoid the filtering system pressure loss due to the high cost of electricity. In addition, in the case of filtering system failure, there is always 'oil-free' inherent risk of product contamination. 05 all oil free air compressor to produce zero order oil-free air international organization for standardization ( ISO) Put forward different levels or category 'oil-free compressed air, compressed air have been created in the global standard of purity. So must meet strict quality requirements, the zero order more strict than level 1. Is more than five myths about oil free compressor, hope the broad masses of users to choose to use oil-free machine products before understanding of their needs and oil-free function to achieve the standard.
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