Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor can really saving energy?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor energy-saving, highlight the advantages of
is general than ordinary air compressor energy saving thirty percent ~ 35, how much is decided by the working conditions of air compressor of energy saving and setting of the parameters of the frequency converter. One big factor is the job of the air compressor operating mode, when a customer gas status of ups and downs, its energy saving effect is better, the direct data is the time when the light accounts for the proportion of all working time. So in the process of sales of inverter control cabinet, the first thing to know the condition of the clients, to get the following data:

machine model; The pattern is ON/OFF control, or MOD control; Loading work time and work all the time;

air compressor daily work time and work for a few days a week, a year how many hours of work; Set pressure zone; If there is one watt-hour meter, its degree of electricity copied down. How much is the local kilowatt-hour of electricity.

know after the above situations, a year in the device can be calculated under the condition of high efficiency and energy saving control device, can save much money. Of course this energy saving analysis is very complicated, there are specialized software TOOLBOOKS how to calculate the specific working conditions can save electricity.

1. Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor maintenance cost reduction

2. Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor reduce factory grid capacity

3. Permanent magnet frequency conversion compressor reduce production loss

4. Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor can reduce noise

when choosing permanent-magnet frequency conversion air compressor to the sales staff must ask about related energy saving means, identify the brand, bought fake products, avoid too much loss.
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