Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor piping matters needing attention of the air line

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Both in the air compressor in the market, and the user's choice, the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor are accounted for a large market. For air compressor, air line piping is also has a lot of attention. Then by GeLinKeEr air compressor to detailed explain for you.

  ( 1) Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor piping, the director of the road, the piping shall be 1 ° ~ 2 ° inclination, and the condensate drain pipe.

  ( 2) With the pressure drop of we can not be more than five percent of the compressor set pressure, so the piping when z * good with larger diameter.

  ( 3) Feeder line need to pick up from the top of the head of road, avoid condensation water flow to the gas pipeline equipment, compressor air outlet pipe z * good shall have the check valve.

  ( 4) Several permanent magnet series installation, frequency conversion air compressor shall be equipped with in the end of the head of road drainage valve, ball valve and automatic drip.

  ( 5) Competent road don't any narrow, if need to be reduced or enlarged pipe shall be used for reducer, otherwise there will be a mixed flow happens in tapping, result in pressure loss, also affect the service life of pipeline.

  ( 6) Compressor if gas-holder and dryer after purification buffer facilities, such as ideal piping should be compressor + air tank + filter + dryer before + after filter, fine filter. So storage tanks can be part of the condensed water filter, storage tanks at the same time also have to reduce the exhaust gas temperature function. Lower temperature and less moisture content of air into the drying machine, dryer can be reduced or the load of the filter.

  ( 7) If the system of air consumption is very big and time is short, the instantaneous gas change is very big, should be equipped with a gas tank for the use of buffer ( Its capacity should be greater than or equal to z * large instantaneous volume of twenty percent) , thus reducing the number of frequent loading or unloading compressor unit, reduce the control element number, is of great benefit to keep the compressor operation reliability. In general, can choose capacity of displacement twenty percent propane tanks.

  ( 8) The system pressure in 1. Under 5 mpa compressed air, the conveying pipe of the flow rate must be below 15 m/SEC, to avoid excessive pressure drop. ( 9) To minimize the use of elbow and all types of valves in pipeline, in order to reduce the pressure loss. ( 10) Ideal piping is head of line around the entire plant, so in any location a two-sided compressed air can be obtained. Such as in a regional gas suddenly soar, can reduce the pressure drop. And in the ring main configuration appropriate valves, in order to maintenance to cut off.

that is permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor air line piping of the matters needing attention, can seek advice: for more details, this article from the xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. Reprint please indicate the source
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