Permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor will be the future trend

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Throughout the market, power frequency air compressor has been gradually withdrew from the people's attention, be replaced by permanent magnet inverter screw air compressor, so what is the difference between the two, why permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor chance welcomed by the market?

a stable, permanent magnetic frequency conversion air compressor air pressure:

1, because of the permanent magnet frequency screw air compressor using the stepless speed regulation characteristics of frequency converter, through the inside of the controller or inverter PID regulator, gentle start; For gas fluctuation is bigger, and can quickly adjust response;

2, and the operation of the power frequency compared to the lower limit switch control, pneumatic stability increase exponentially.

2, permanent magnet no impact on the frequency conversion air compressor start:

1, because the inverter itself containing the function of soft starter and starting current maximum rated current 1. 2 times of less than, and start the power frequency is in commonly more than 6 times of the rated current, compared to start the impact is very small.

2, the impact is not only to power grid, the impact on the whole mechanical system, and also greatly reduced.

3, permanent magnetic frequency conversion compressor variable flow control:

1, the power frequency drive air compressor can only work in a displacement, frequency conversion screw air compressor can work in a wide range of displacement. Inverter is based on the actual gas real-time adjust the motor speed, to control the displacement.

2, low gas when auto sleep can also make the screw air compressor, thus greatly reduce the energy loss.

3, optimization of control strategy, can further improve the energy saving effect.

4, permanent magnet ac power voltage frequency conversion air compressor better adaptability:

1, due to the frequency converter, overmodulation technique in ac power voltage can be output while lower enough torque, driving motor work; Slightly high voltage, also will not lead to high voltage output to the motor,

2, for electricity, variable frequency drive more can show its advantages;

3, according to the characteristics of motor VF ( Frequency conversion air compressor in the state of energy saving are working under rated voltage) For low voltage power grid of the scene, the effect is obvious.

5, permanent magnet low frequency conversion air compressor noise:

1, the frequency conversion system of most of the work under the working condition is lower than the rated speed, the host machine noise and wear, prolong the service life of maintenance and;

2, if the fan is driven by frequency conversion, can significantly reduce the compressor noise at work.

frequency and power frequency difference is obvious, the permanent magnet frequency conversion efficiency of screw air compressor energy-saving advantages and superiority is the essential means to win the market.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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