Permanent magnet machine one day how can save electricity?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In terms of air compressor energy saving, permanent magnet machine have high visibility. For enterprises, the use of an air compressor frequency is very high, and now the air compressor is not as users use 20 years ago, as long as the function of air compressor can be used normally, now the users more surface-to-air compressor power consumption, noise, has put forward higher requirements. Another safety stability of the air compressor for company business is very important, if the air compressor, nothing will stop several times down to cost the factory is immeasurable.

in jiangsu yancheng a high-tech development zone of some engineering equipment co. , LTD. , founded in 1997. I am a design engineer of the factory, surnamed zhao. 07 began the company purchases using the buy one brand in the screw machine, screw machine working condition is initially more smoothly,. But since 12 years of the screw pump noise to around one hundred m factory workers began to have an impact on the new move, but for & other; Throughout their neighbors &; Consideration, we are turning a blind eye. But starting in 2014, the noise of the air compressor start significantly increased & ndash; — One hundred meters from the factory employees sit not to live - the new factory - - - The factory several new employees threatened to complaints about the situation of the noise interference of the company, and power consumption of air compressor of the day nearly 500 degrees.

today, only a quiet, energy saving, failure rate of the air compressor to solve the crisis of the company. Through the screening, the company selected the save 30% energy consumption and noise lower than similar products of GeLinKeEr DRC - A, 60 and GeLinKeEr factory near company is now, after the door is very convenient, compared with the previous air compressor parts out of the question to find their own way to replace, convenient a lot.

the key is the energy saving problem. The original air compressor power consumption in 510 degrees. Through testing work 10 hours a day, DRC - 60 down a work like this machine consumes only 300 KWH, compared with the original machine, just a day saved more than 200 KWH, one month can save nearly all degrees of electricity, the results to the company all can be said to be happy.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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